Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you licensed?

Advanced Cleaning Services are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Are there any discounts?

Advanced Cleaning Services have a variety of discounts. See our Discounts page.

How long does the job take?

An average 1-story home takes about 2 hours with 1 crew, or 1 hour with 2 crews. An average 2-story home takes about 3-4 hours with 1 crew, or 1.5-2 hours with 2 crews.

What kind of blinds do you clean?

Advanced Cleaning Services can clean vertical blinds, faux and real wood blinds, and aluminum blinds.

Do you work 7 days a week?

Absolutely. Give us a call or Contact us.

Can you remove water spots?

Yes. Read about Hard Water Spot Removal.

What if it rains?

If it rains within 30 days of your window cleaning, we'll touch up your windows for free.

What payments do you take?

Advanced Cleaning Services accept cash, check, MasterCard, and Visa.

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

At least twice a year, or 4 times if you're near a beach or dusty region.


"A good deal! They give you a quote over the phone based on the number of windows you have. After trying to clean windows inside and out myself, it is so worth it to have someone do it for you."

- Claudette W.

“What a great company! I found Advanced Cleaning Services to be a very professional company. The window cleaners were clean and courteous. My windows never looked better. The window cleaners did a walk though with me after they finished the job and answered all my questions. I was very pleased and would recommend them to all my friends and neighbors!"

- James Meltebarger