About Advanced Cleaning Services 

A Really Good Job. For a Really Good Price.

My name is Gavin and I started this cleaning business over 25 years ago. In the beginning it was just myself and only residential window cleaning. No advertising budget, no internet just word of mouth. Even so demand for my services grew quickly and it wasn't long before I was hiring the first of my crew. Over the years we began to offer other services such as pressure washing and solar panel cleaning. After that we expanded into commercial window cleaning services. Today we have evolved into an all encompassing cleaning company offering many different services for both residential and commercial buildings. Experience has taught us the value of satisfied customers. I built this company on word of mouth. To this day I measure the success of a job on whether you will recomend my services to your friends and family. My crew is professional, courteous, and very competent. We guarantee when the job is completed not only will you be satisfied but you will recommend us to others.

A Greener Cleaning Company

Advanced Cleaning Services only uses cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly.

  • Gavin MaurerPresident
  • Matt BuffardiCEO

Service & Safety Are Priority #1

Before starting any job, Advanced Cleaning Services offer Window Restoration, Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning service with precise bids and a full walk-through, to devise a custom-tailored solution. And because Advanced Cleaning Services know service and safety are our top priority, Advanced Cleaning Services only use safe, biodegradable, eco-friendly chemicals.

Advanced Cleaning Services doesn't believe in skimping on quality, which is why Advanced Cleaning Services use the most advanced and innovative equipment on the market. Such as carbon-graphite squeegees, and industrial grade, environmentally safe soaps and solutions that won't streak, so our quality is long-lasting.

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